Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Just a quick note: If you're reading this, God bless you for hanging in there with me.

If you're waiting on pictures, I have finished mini sessions and working on full sessions now for the month of October. I am buckling down the next 3 days and plan to be back to my normal turnaround times by Monday.

Orders are pouring into the office and Suzanne is staying on top of that department.

I'm so grateful for your patience if you are waiting on my attention. Aside from all the illness in our home, I've undergone an incredibly difficult personal situation over the past several months that has affected me greatly and also placed additional pressure on my already hectic schedule. I have been so blessed with seriously, the BEST clients ever, and it has helped so much have your understanding!!!

I'm really proud of the sessions I am currently editing and can't WAIT to share them with you all. Just feeling the pressure (albeit, all self-inflicted as usual!) to check in.

Can you believe it's NOVEMBER??? The kids and I heard Christmas music being played this weekend!!

More soon!

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