Monday, December 01, 2008

This week

Hope everyone had a great break!! Here is our schedule for this upcoming week:

MONDAY: Suzanne and I will both be in the office for most of the work day. I have holiday cards ready and packaged for the following clients:
Brown, M
Please call us at 972-596-5500 if you would like to come by and pick them up!

TUESDAY: I am in and out of the office, please call to make an appointment if you'd like to come and pick up cards or orders at this time.

WEDNESDAY: I leave for New York early in the AM. Suzanne will be in the office and contacting those clients whose holiday cards/orders are available. We expect all holiday card orders made BEFORE the deadline of Nov. 20th to be ready to go on Wednesday.

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: office will be closed while I am in NYC. I will have very limited access to email at this time and will return all messages on Monday, December 8th.

If you need to get a hold of me personally, please make sure you call or email before Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks everyone!

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