Thursday, November 01, 2007

Massive Cram Session

Some overdue sneak peeks...

My old friends...

It must be hard to be this cute:
Snuggling with Mommy
I promised ice cream at the arboretum and I deliver!! The closest I ever came to getting little man's attention...but couldn't you just eat him up??
One of my new favorites...
And more old friends...I adore these guys
Hip Mommy=Hip daughter
And although I know these kids and mom very well, I was so excited to meet Dad for the first time!
So he gets his own sneak peek.
peek a boo!

What's that I see in the distance??? Could it be....a light? At the end of the tunnel??
(and the light disappears as I realize I have 4 sessions I haven't even downloaded yet...) :)
Houston people, you're next! But that has to be a separate post because of my funny story I have to tell :)

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jayme Tighe said...

Wow! Beautiful shots. LOVE the one with Dad and Son. You can just see the connection between them, can't you?