Monday, November 05, 2007

My new best friend

Funny story while I was in Houston....

My wonderful client, upon my arrival, asked how my flight had been.

I should've said "Wonderful, thank you."

But the truth is that I hate flying, and in the past, usually have my doctor prescribe me a lil' sumthin' sumthin' to take the edge off. Because I had been so crazed I had totally forgotten to ask the dr. for it this time, and just grit my teeth thru the arriving flight and dealt with it. When I mentioned this to my client she said "Oh, I've got some Xanax, here take one for the flight home!" We joked about how I'd probably be so relaxed that I'd fall asleep on the flight and the attendant would have to wake me up.

So I hadn't eaten all day and scarfed down a sandwich before my flight, and then remembered that I should take the little blue pill now so it would take effect by the time we took off (the worst part for me). I took it, finished my sandwich and answered some emails, stood up to throw away my trash, and felt my legs wobble a little under me. What the heck?? I went on to my gate where I was feeling incredibly friendly considering that normally I am such a nervous wreck that I can't even look up at the person taking my boarding pass. Got on the plane, sat by a window, and just realized that I felt GRRREEEEAAAATTTT!!! No racing thoughts of how many sessions today put me behind, no flying anxiety, just GREAT!!!!! I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and the next thing I know the flight attendant is tapping me on the shoulder preparing me for landing. Wha???

Came home and asked my husband about it, who works in pharmacy, and when I described the amount I had taken we both realized that I had taken a double dose. My sweet client had told me to break it in half but I hadn't remembered that part. Oops.

But that was the most relaxing afternoon I have had since Cozumel!!!

Anyways, in great thanks for the happy pill, I present this sneak peek of her beautiful one and a half week old baby boy:

I love newborn faces!!!

(Remember their gorgeous "risque" maternity from a couple of months ago? )

And I was off to my second Houston session with this gorgeous blue-eyed cutie and her adorable mommy and daddy!

One of my faves:

Many recently have asked about my travel sessions: Basically if my schedule is open, I will travel to your area and just ask my travel costs to be covered. If leaving the state I require three session bookings in the area during the period I am there. You can save on the travel cost part by having your friends book, and split the costs with them. I love to travel and am open to just about any area! I am planning a NY trip to see a client in the winter, so if anyone in that area wants a session, let us know!

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Tonya Marie said...

I love the last image with mom, dad, and baby...they look so in love. What a sweet capture!