Thursday, September 06, 2007

My life summed up by Excel.

I just had an interesting evening of creating a personal weekly schedule for my kids and I to abide by now that we have three children attending three different schools. I had to laugh when Excel prompted me that my schedule took up 3 pages. Fitting it onto one page meant tiny little letters, that's how jam-packed we are this fall. I'm sure that many of you out there can relate. I feel much more in-control of this chaos when I have things written out and posted somewhere, just the act itself is more important to me than the final product; a confirmation that it "can be done". (I'll let you know!!)
It has been a busy couple of weeks to say the least so I have lots and lots of pictures to share, and I will spread it over a few days so that everyone gets their moment in the spotlight!
First of all, today was my middle daughter's first day of dance class at a real dance studio, and I have to show her off: (By the way, if you have a special event coming up in your child's life, such as the first day of school, a birthday party, or even a dance class/recital, be sure and check out the Personal Paparrazzi package that we now offer.)
Now that I have that proud mommy moment out of the way, check out this incredibly gorgeous couple expecting their first baby, a new addition to my baby planner family!

(one of the images below may be a little risque for some viewers)

2 more sneak peeks tomorrow--Christi, I know you're reading; you're next!


meggan said...

Beautiful images - I love the intimacy of the last image. :)

Tonya Marie said...

Wow. Love your use of light on the last maternity image.