Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The session that made me want a fourth child..

...but that idea was quickly shot down by my husband :)
I LOVE big families, especially now that I have a semi-large group myself. I know it's not easy (as of right now, my oldest child has strep and my baby girl has strep and a stomach bug) but I absolutely love the chaos of a large family. I kept telling Mom that but I don't think she believed me as the kids ran around us; but I loved every minute of it. To me the more chaos, the more love and fun and friendship, and that is what life is all about!
Big brother: Big sister:
Precious younger sister:
And baby:
As I mentioned above my kids are very sick and I am unabable to get much work done, but hopefully we are now on the rebound. The doctor yesterday said they had seen a ton of strep and viruses the last two weeks so if your kids are in school, look out!

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Tonya Marie said...

Those are all lovely. Especially love the capture of big sis with the flowers.
My hat's off to the mom! I'd love 4 kiddos too...just don't know how anyone manages to pull if off.