Tuesday, September 18, 2007

About to pull an all-nighter

I'm determined to get caught up on proofing so I am just beginning what I think will be an all-nighter, with big plans to be completely caught up within 3 days. The first thing on my list was to get a sneak peek to all the patient moms and dads out there hitting refresh, waiting for a familiar face to pop up.

This one goes out to a Daddy in NY who I've yet to meet, but already love because he is so anxious to see pictures of his wife and daughter that I hear he's been checking my blog quite frequently! I absolutely love Dads who adore their families...and who wouldn't!! And I promise they are just as sweet as they are beautiful.
I have a hard time going b/w with eyes this blue...isn't she a doll??Some with Mommy

Could you just die for her dimples??
And this one is for Mom's sweet friend who let us use her home for the session. Thank you so much again M for letting me turn your home upside down!

(And by the way, yes that is my Maddy below...3 weeks away from her first birthday. This session was for her b-day invites! Thanks for all the sweet emails :) )

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Amanda said...

Gorgeous, as always. Hmmm, if you ever get the New York way...we've got blue eyes here too.