Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, tonight was a half-nighter.

I'm headed to bed, but not before one more sneak peek...that's 3 sneak peeks, 3 online galleries, 3 more finished sessions and ordering appointments setup....too bad I have exactly 3 more sessions this weekend. Ack!

Ever feel like you're just treading water? :)

I'd like you to meet a very special group of grandchildren. Not only are they a great, respectful and sweet group of kids, but I've known most of them since they were teeny weenie babies. They were attendees at the church preschool that I used to teach/direct at, and it's hard now, looking at the boys, to believe that I used to carry them around on my hip!! How time flies, yet I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to watch them grow up and see what awesome children these babies have grown into. We had such a fun session and I honestly could have taken their pictures all day.
The two so sweet! This was fun
Big handsome brothers who adore little sister #1:
And big handsome brothers who adore their little sister #2!

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