Monday, September 10, 2007


First of all, I have a new way for clients to contact me- the wonderful world of IM! These days with the gaggle of children I have running around my house, I sometimes do not answer the phone because of all the noise and chaos here. IM is a great way to talk to me live and get your questions answered quickly, without all the background noise. Just add to your MSN Messenger contact list and if I'm available, you can ask away!

I know I've talked about having the best job in the whole world. If this set of pictures doesn't prove it I don't know what would. I get to go to work and talk to 2 year olds and hear their views of the world--this little firecracker had me CRACKING UP and I got to play all morning. Not to rub it in but as some of my little clients would say, "Nah nah nah booo booo!"
Blowing me kisses... Calling Daddy to tell him about our little photoshoot
Reading to me and Mommy her favorite bedtime stories
Hugging Mr. Frog
And talking to her new baby sister, who will make her Devine Memories debut in December!!

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