Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Updated Fall Availability and random thoughts!

Due to the volume of calls and emails coming in for sessions, we have updated our current availability on our website. Please call us for the most up to date availability.

I am so humbled each fall when we book months out. I wish I could go back in time to the scared mommy of two young children, who was so scared to quit her day job to be a photographer, and tell her that each year from then on she will have waiting lists of people wanting HER to take their pictures. What an amazing thing for me, always!

I am asked for advice constantly, specifically in the field of photography but also from others who have a dream and are scared to pursue it. I always tell them, no matter what---do what you love, life is too short not to be doing exactly what you have dreamt of. Everything else will fall into place and the universe will rearrange itself to accomodate you.


Paige Kearin said...

So awesome! What a success story! I wish more people believed in their gifts.

Jayme Tighe said...

I'm in the same boat you were in now!! I started about 6 months ago... and it was scary at first. But, it's well worth it since I get to do the two things I love most. Being a stay-at-home mom to my 2 adorable girls AND photogrpaphy!