Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving according to my kids

Featuring Mikey-age 9, Gabby-age 4, and Maddy, age 13 months.

Q: What is Thanksgiving about?

Mikey: It’s about how the pilgrims met the Indians and they had a big feast. Americans celebrate it every November. And Canadians celebrate it in October. Canadians should probably celebrate it on the regular day.

Gabby: Being happy and having lots of food, playing games.

Maddy: Ah dah.

Q: What did the Pilgrims and Indians eat?

Mikey: Berries and turkey and pumpkin pie and corn and sweet potatoes and ham and cobbler and that’s about it.

Gabby: I dunno.

Maddy. AH Ca da.

Q: What's your favorite food at Thanksgiving?

Mikey: No question. Turkey!

Gabby: corn and cheese.

Maddy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Q: Why do we eat turkey at Thanksgiving?

Mikey: Because the pilgrims had turkeys and we think it’s very very delicious. I’m not kidding.

Gabby: Because it's special

Maddy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Q: Who’s going to win, the Cowboys or the Jets??

Mikey: I hope it’s the Cowboys because TONY ROMO ROCKS!

Gabby: The COWBOYS! Because they're COOL!

Maddy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Five things we're thankful for:

1- Gabby
2- Turkey and pumpkin pie
3- Video games
4- My "Blame My Sister" shirt and all my t shirts
5- My mom

1- My family
2- Noggin
3- My room
4- pigs or piglets
5- Dora Castle

Maddy (if she could talk)
1- my big brother and sister
2- milk in a sippy cup
3- Lovey our dog when she licks my face
4- dog food
5- my teeth


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