Thursday, March 20, 2008

checking in

Just checking in from Spring's been a very rough week-our beagle Lovey began having seizures Monday evening and didn't stop until 24 hours later. It's been exhausting and she's doing a little better but not sure how long we have with her. She's only 8 so it's really, really sad.

Before all the madness began Monday we made it out to the Fort Worth Zoo and had a blast, and a miracle occured--for 0.3 seconds, the kids sat together for a picture! That hasn't happened in 15 months!!! So I had to share:

And the beginning of the end, ha ha


Tina Rogers said...

You are so lucky!! Mine run from me. I love your work!

Road_Dog said...

Awe! Look at that picture of all 3!!! PERFECTION!!! I am glad you enjoyed your time off. You deserve it!

Tonya Marie said...

Ahhh! Superb expressions here!!! Love them.