Friday, March 07, 2008

Making lemonade from lemons...or great shots from head injuries!

*note to self...some insurance may be a good option in the future.

Sometimes sessions just don't go as planned. Sometimes we have grand ideas of running outdoors along long pathways, frolicking in the open air, and yet, the session may take a turn (or a trip) for the worse. Example:

Poor little guy was having his first birthday session with me out at my favorite spot. He just wasn't into it. It was windy, cold, and he just wanted Mommy.

Finally, he warmed up to the idea and wanted to run and play...

and then about .2 seconds after the above shot was taken, BAM! Little guy tripped straight forward and landed flat on his forehead. We all rushed to him and thought, oh I bet he's ok....and then this shows up:

So I'm feeling really horrible at this point, so I took the two of them over to a local coffee shop to warm up and grab some drinks, which turned out, was just what we needed.

And all was well again in Little Boy Land!

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