Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feeling a litle self-indulgent

*warning...geeky photographer talk ahead*
I know most photographers are equipment junkies and while I do covet lots of their stuff, it's rare that I actually purchase anything (I have mommy guilt...the old "my lens is fine and middle child needs skating lessons", etc). However, I had a moment of feeling splurgy (I made that word up) this weekend and decided I have used my old tiny, uncomfortable, ugly camera bag for far too long. So I did a little research on something more girly and fashionable, and decided to add this to my shopping cart and actually click "buy". It ships tomorrow, woo hoo!!
I'm also contemplating a new lens for my camera to take on my New York trip. I want something versatile so I don't have to mess with changing lenses (I sware by fixed lenses), and I also want something with a wider angle for the city shots. I have it narrowed down to this and this...the price difference is huge obviously...any pros out there reading have experienced opinions?? I realize I'm gaining a couple of fstops by spending $1K more, but for these purposes, is it really worth it? I welcome your wisdom :)
PS-I do have a couple of Spring Mini Sessions still open if anyone is still thinking about booking, so let us know-first come first serve! Thanks!


Lifeprints said...

I knew as soon as you said "girly and fashionable" that you were talking about the Jill-e bags!!! I don't have one yet, but so love them! Let me know how you like it once you get it!

Sugar Photography said...

ooh! Great choice! I love my Jill-E (medium bone)-they didn't have the brown suede when I ordered mine or I'd be all over this one. Yum!

lens advice: 24-70 all the way. it is SO WORTH IT, and I can almost guarantee that you'll soon be using it for sessions, so it will pay for itself soon enough.

Debbie said...

24-70 2.8 is definitely the way to go. It's on my D200 almost all the time. It's heavy, though, so for travel it'll definitely make that nice new camera bag feel fully loaded.
But for sessions it'll make life so much easier.