Monday, March 16, 2009

My Current Life, the way I know how to tell it.

(Me, taken by my sister in law)

Encouraging notes in the journal we are keeping for him

Shrine to the GrandKids

("smell my picture" because he used scented markers)

My vigilant brother, who is my rock, and has not left Dad's side.

These pictures were taken the first few days in the ICU. He is alert now and off the breathing tube. He is incredibly frustrated. He can't move his arms or legs the way he wants to, and can't get sentences out (he tries, but they are very, very slurred)

We think he will be moved to a regular hospital room and out of ICU soon, and then they will move him to a rehab center where he will begin a 3-6 month recovery of physical and occupational therapy.

I know I've scared some people with my late night descriptions of my state of mind. I'm doing better today. I took most of the day with my kids and we spent it outdoors in the gorgeous weather. I'm sort of angry and bitter too, I hate this for my Dad. He is so young and vibrant and I can only imagine how confused and frustrated he is right now. He thought he would be home today.

The prayers and good thoughts are so appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for your dad. I know you don't know me and thats ok but rest assured in knowing that God does hear prayers. He has brought him this far he will bring him the rest of the way through it


sarah said...

we are still praying the grandkids are adorable. glad you got to spend sometime with your kids

twin said...

Deanna -
This takes me back to my mother's brain surgery. It was the same for us - she went in one way and came out different. Of course, our prognosis was not as good as your Dad's. Hang in there - lots of prayers are with Bob.