Monday, March 16, 2009


too tired to give a full update tonight.

dad is frustrated. his mind is functioning fully but his body isn't anywhere near that. imagine being fully aware but unable to get it out. HATE IT

that being said he has made amazing progress. gtube was taken out today and he ate 3 cups of apple sauce, one with his own hand. the rehab techs came by and want to try and get him sitting up and possibly standing tomorrow. I cannot imagine this but am hopeful.

i'm not doing well. getting so stressed that I'm giving myself shakes and fevers. not sure what to do because to me being away from the hospital is not an option. this is just SO WRONG

want to thank everyone who has offered food and their support. special thanks to Mary for her help with my kids and Lori for the blockbuster gift card in my mailbox. incredibly, incredibly kind.


sarah said...

we have added your family to our church and sister church prayer list. i figure the more prayers the better :)

Devine Memories Photography said...

Thank you Sarah. You are definetly right. I even heard from someone that Monks in Washington DC added my Dad's name to their chants today.

Virginia M said...

Deanna, my mother went through a stroke and is fully functional now. It is different but still a "hit" to the brain. It was very hard talking to her on the phone and hearing the slurred speech. These early days are difficult and they will pass and he will improve. Rehab is what he needs now and it will help. You may remember my mom, she is Chloe C's grandmother. Virginia M